Uninsured Motorist
St. Charles, MO

Being in a car accident is bad enough – it’s even worse when the at-faultdriver leaves the accident scene or has no car insurance. When dealing withan Uninsured Motorist, St. Charles, MO drivers know they can rely on Gallagher Davis for assistance. Tim Gallagher and Matt Davis and their experienced team have the knowledge and expertise to explore all of youravailable options.

When a vehicle forces someone off the road without stopping; when there is a hit and run; when a car leaves the scene of the crash; or when the driver who caused the crash doesn’t leave the scene but fails to have valid insurance – these are all examples of Uninsured Motorist claims.

The experience our team has in negotiating with insurance companies is extensive. We can challenge an insurance company’s attempts to defend the at-fault driver or to minimize the cause or extent of injuries sustained in the crash. We will also fully investigate the circumstances involved in the car crash to attempt to identify other parties who may also bear responsibility in addition to the Uninsured Motorist.

Tim Gallagher and Matt Davis are both originally from St. Charles County, where they graduated from Francis Howell High School in Weldon Spring and St. Dominic in O’Fallon. They know that the influx of new residents in St. Charles County has not only made the roads more congested, but it has also increased the number of people in the county who are driving without insurance.

After an accident with an Uninsured Motorist, St. Charles, MO drivers know that Gallagher Davis will investigate the cause of the crash and get in touch with insurance investigators and adjustors to meet deadlines and deliver full compensation for you. We also assist our clients to receive what they deserve under their Uninsured Motorist coverage.

One of the things that sets us apart at Gallagher Davis apart is that, when needed, we are willing to take your case to trial. We have found that people on juries are many times fairer than skeptical insurance adjusters.

You need skillful help if you have an Uninsured Motorist claim. St. Charles, MO residents should talk to Gallagher Davis today at 314-725-1780 and let us get our experienced team working for you.

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