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Property owners have a legal obligation to make sure their property is safe and properly maintained. They are also responsible for warning people who enter the premises of any unsafe conditions. If they fail to act and communicate responsibly, they can be held accountable for injuries that result from unsafe premises.

Gallagher Davis, LLP represents clients in all forms of premises liability actions, including:


  • broken or cracked sidewalks
  • dog bites
  • escalator and elevator accidents
  • exposure to hazardous chemicals
  • failure to warn of a hazardous condition
  • injuries resulting from criminal acts
  • negligent security
  • poor lighting
  • poorly maintained premises
  • slippery or wet floors
  • slips, trips and falls
  • structural defects
  • toxic material exposure

Our attorneys have the skill and experience to assess each set of circumstances to determine if there was negligence by the property owner and whether the negligence was a factor in the injury. We can also determine what insurance coverage is available so that our clients receive the maximum recovery for their injury.

While many businesses and homeowners carry premises liability insurance, it is often insufficient to fully pay any significant damage compensation. In that event, we assist in recovering from the property owner or other negligent party any amounts not covered by insurance.

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