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The misery caused by an injury or death is compounded only further when an insurance company refuses to pay. This happens too often. Sadly many people let an insurance company get away with refusing to pay – or paying too little- because they don’t know where to start.

Gallagher Davis, LLP provides expertise in pursuing insurance claims. We help clients determine policy coverage, prepare statements of loss, and file claims and all necessary supporting documentation with the insurance company.

Insurance companies know which law firms are just in it for a quick settlement and which law firms will pursue denied claims through litigation, arbitration or other alternative dispute resolution (ADR) when appropriate.  We have litigated insurance cases against most every insurance carrier and have earned the reputation that we will hold them to account for what they owe our clients.


The firm represents clients in all kinds of insurance-coverage matters, including:

Bad faith litigation

We are routinely called on by other attorneys to consult and co-counsel on complex claims where an insurance company has violated its promise to promptly and pay covered claims.

Professional disability policies

Doctors, lawyers and other professionals often have individual disability policies that they have bought on their own.  We routinely help professionals with their individual policy applications which often have complicated provisions and requirements.   Our familiarity and expertise with the individual disability application process is essential to helping professionals like doctors and lawyers navigate their disability claim.

Life insurance and accidental death policies

The last thing anyone needs after suffering the loss of a loved one is to have to fight over life or accident insurance.  Sometimes though the circumstances of someone’s death or a problem with paperwork is all it takes for an insurance company to delay or deny paying these claims.

Underinsured Motorist, Uninsured Motorist and medical payment claims

Every car crash is different and so is the insurance coverage that goes along with it.  Our experience and knowledge allows us to dig deep into insurance policies to make sure that we know every provision that applies so we can obtain every coverage that applies.