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“I am writing to you on behalf of my husband and I to thank you for your many hours of work to assist us in receiving the long-term disability benefit that was deserved to my husband from his employer.  Your thorough research, understanding, and personal attention to all the details of our case went above and beyond our hope. Your counsel was honest and realistic knowing the organization we were up against and the odds of a successful outcome were not in our favor. Even though we live in another state, you kept us updated throughout the process and coordinated the one trip we needed to be in St. Louis easy and comfortable.The positive end result of our case was truly a blessing that we can only attribute to you and your expertise.  Words cannot express our sincere gratitude for all you have done for us! Thank you Matt!”

-Don and Barbara

“Matt Davis took on a case with a little heard of, and even less known illness and fought my insurance company for the procedure that they had denied. Lymphedema (when not a secondary illness from breast cancer) and Lipedema are still new in the United States. Treatments having been used in Europe for over the past decade are still being denied to patients in the United States. Six months after meeting Mr. Davis, he had my denial overturned and my procedure approved.

Understand that because this was a new illness to him, Matt took the time and effort to read 100s of pages of information to learn about the decorum diseases, possible treatments, expert doctors that are in the United States, and the causes for denial.

Through his diligent work to find all the relevant information on this illness and cooperating work with my doctor, he filed my appeal on March 25th. Within three weeks the decision had been overturned in my favor. I would recommend Mr. Davis to my family, friends and anyone who feels like there isn’t anyone on their side when fighting the health insurance companies.”

– Susan C.

“My husband was paralyzed in a car accident. I had so many things to deal with for the first month after the accident that I didn’t have time to search for a qualified lawyer. My sister who works in the corporate world spoke to her in-house counsel who got us Tim Gallagher’s name.

There is no way to explain how much support the law firm really gave us. We did not know what to do or what to expect. Between Tim and Matt, there was never an instance where a lawyer could not be reached—if we needed anything, a question answered, help getting over a hurdle of some kind. Everything that we would need—they were there.

Our case stretched out for almost 5 years and after all that legal work Tim and Matt were like our family.”

– E’Wana

“Matt Davis and I were able to click from the very beginning, I was always comfortable with him. What really impressed me, though, was that I knew he had my best interest in the case at all times. He sincerely cared about my situation and he was doing his job because he enjoys being able to help people, and not solely because of his own personal interests. He was very detailed, always attentive, and he was incredibly easy to work with. Matt wanted to make sure the case was handled how I wanted it and how I preferred. Rather than feeling like I was in a lawyer-client relationship with Matt, I felt like we were on the same team. He protected my interests all the way through to the end, and I knew he never gave up, that he was still fighting, and that he would take care of everything.”

– Joe R.

“I was referred to Tim Gallagher through a family friend. Our experience with Tim was great. Tim always made every effort to respond quickly to us and our needs. Our relationship was very personable, we were always on a first-name basis and the communication was always open and positive. Tim definitely put our best interests first and I always felt like our case was a priority to him. I would highly recommend him.”

– Jennifer R.

“I retained Matt Davis regarding a dispute over payment of emergency medical treatment with my insurance company. Matt efficiently assisted in the appeals process in anticipation of litigation. The insurance company ruled favorably for us at the appeals level. I appreciated Matt’s experience in this area of practice.”

– Julia

“Dear Tim & Matt,
Because of you Jim and I are enjoying lots of improvements in our home, dinners out without worrying about the bill, helping a bit with our grandkids expenses- you’ve made our lives easier – as Jim and I have discussed- we would have loved to seen you finish the trial- you were excellent – if only we were a little younger- but we’re very happy with the outcome – Thanks to you both.”

– Judy and Jim

“Matt Davis went out of his way to make sure my needs were met. He drove 75 miles to meet me halfway between Sikeston and St. Louis, just so I wouldn’t have to drive the whole distance. I was very satisfied with how prompt Matt was about getting things done, and couldn’t have been more satisfied with the way things turned out. At the very beginning Matt told me it was going to be a hard case to win, and he asked me what I wanted to do. I said I wanted to carry on and he did. Matt did a very good job, and he did very good by me.”

– Shannon

“Tim Gallagher is one of the nicest people I have ever met, and you could not ask for a better attorney. I was referred to him by an attorney here in Kentucky who originally investigated the case. That lawyer told me it would be tough and the best thing to do would be to hire Mr. Gallagher and file a lawsuit in St. Louis. The relationship and care he put into my case was just unreal. He told me that he would never ever forget me and I still hear from him on my birthday, at Christmas, and throughout the year. I put my whole faith in Mr. Gallagher and he did a fantastic job.”

– Billie P.