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Why are insurance companies suing consumers?

While their ads are filled with words like care, protection and trust, you have to wonder if the only thing that you can trust about insurance companies these days is that they only care about protecting their own money.

Trees, fences, livestock and Missouri law

Last week we posted about David Freese’s Thanksgiving Day one car accident.  That post was partially in response to Bill McClellan’s column about the accident.  That column pointed out that when  Freese’s vehicle swerved off the road it trespassed upon private property destroying a fence and striking 2 trees.  Today the Post Dispatch concluded an interesting article on railroad…Read more

Baseball Player, One Car Accident and Wild Horse Creek Road

Recently, St. Louis Cardinal third baseman David Freese’s one car accident on Wild Horse Creek Road in West St. Louis County has been in the news.  Freese wasn’t the first baseball player to have a one car accident on Wild Horse Creek Road.