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While most people don’t understand this specialized area of the law, the lawyers at Gallagher Davis are experienced in it. It is required by law that Insurance Companies must put the best interests of their policyholders first. Sometimes insurance companies don’t put the interests of their policyholders first and instead focus primarily on making money. Please contact us if you think you have not been treated fairly on your claim by your insurance company and are up against an insurance company that is not acting in good faith. The attorneys at Gallagher Davis will expertly represent Chesterfield, MO residents against claims of Bad Faith Insurance Litigation.

Tim Gallagher and Matt Davis have built their practice by helping people who are in situations where it seems that an insurance company has all of the power and leverage. If you feel that you are in a situation like that, you may need our help at Gallagher Davis. If an insurance company has wrongfully denied your claim, or failed to settle a claim being made against you, has made claims that the nature of your injuries are exaggerated or that the treatment you are receiving from your accident is excessive and its costs are unnecessary – don’t fight the insurance company alone – get experienced help.

At Gallagher Davis, we hold insurance companies accountable by putting our expertise, resources and the law to work for you. When the claim is supported by the evidence, we work on behalf of our clients to show that an insurance company has acted in Bad Faith.

Chesterfield, MO residents are aware that the lawyers at Gallagher Davis are ready to take a case to trial if we’re not able to arrive at a fair settlement. We have an exemplary record of success in trials providing fair treatment for our clients.

Legal expertise is what people need when facing off against an insurance company in Bad Faith Insurance Litigation. Chesterfield, MO residents are wise to call Gallagher Davis at 314-725-1780 and find out how we can assist you.