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When a loved one loses their life in an accident, you may need experienced attorneys to help you secure the benefit you paid for Accidental Death. St. Charles, MO residents realize that the team at Gallagher Davis can provide the help needed to collect for Accidental Death.

Many life insurance policies will pay additional benefits when a person’s death is accidental, but insurance companies sometimes refuse to pay the additional benefits. Some claims adjusters hope to advance their careers by denying claims. If an insurance company states that your loved one’s death was not an accident, wait no longer – contact Gallagher Davis for help with your claim for Accidental Death benefits.

St. Charles, MO residents understand that Tim Gallagher and Matt Davis are a tenacious team with the experience and the resources to assist you in realizing the maximum possible benefit. We will be sure to thoroughly research your case to review the policy language and investigate the circumstances to determine if we can prove that the death of your loved one was an accident.

Gallagher Davis will work with health care professionals and insurance investigators and ensure that we uncover all the facts in your case. We will meet the necessary deadlines in your situation. We will work tirelessly to assist you in this trying and unfortunate situation.

An unsavory business practice that insurance companies use is to repeatedly deny a claim to wear down the policyholder in the hopes of settling the claim for pennies on the dollar. Of course, settling a case is easier than going to court. The insurance companies know that, and they know that the policyholder needs the money. We will recommend a settlement under the right circumstances, but we are more than willing and capable of taking on an insurance company in Court to force it to not only pay the extra benefit, burt when the law permits attorney fees and penalties for vexatious refusal. We will take your case as far as it needs to go to obtain the benefits you and your family are entitled to receive.

We can help you so you won’t be alone when dealing an Accidental Death. St. Charles, MO residents appreciate that they can call the caring experts at Gallagher Davis at 314-725-1780 today.