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Practice Areas

Medical Malpractice

Gallagher Davis, LLP offers the knowledge and experience for navigating the complexities of often difficult medical malpractice cases in St. Louis and southern Illinois. Learn more...

ERISA Lawsuits

Gallagher Davis, LLP specializes in ERISA lawsuits involving long-and short-term disability, health and life insurance claims, accidental death and dismemberment, pensions and long-term care. Learn more...

Auto Accidents

At Gallagher Davis, LLP we help alleviate the stress that our clients go through by dealing with the insurance companies and working toward a fair outcome. Learn more...

Premises Liability

Our attorneys have the skill and experience to determine if there was negligence by the property owner and whether the negligence was a factor in the injury. Learn more...


We help clients determine policy coverage, prepare statements of loss, and file claims and all necessary supporting documentation with the insurance company. Learn more...

Wrongful Death

At Gallagher Davis, LLP we have the knowledge and experience to represent survivors of victims killed by the wrongful acts of others. Learn more...

From our Blog

Independent Medical Exams & Medical Record Reviews

It may seem like a simple process: Your doctor diagnoses you with a condition. The physical restrictions and limitations that are caused by that condition or required to heal and care for it prevent you from doing your job. Your physician then informs the insurance company, which determines that you are disabled and entitled to…Read more

Personal Disability

High-earning and/or self-employed professionals are often either not provided with long-term disability or short-term disability coverage as an employee benefit or not provided sufficient coverage to supplement a period of lost compensation caused by health issues or an injury. To compensate for this deficiency, professionals such as physicians, lawyers and engineers must commonly purchase independent…Read more

ERISA Litigation vs. Breach of Contract

Understanding the Nuances of ERISA Litigation: The Right to Discovery ERISA law establishes two separate causes of action for employees who have run into a denial of employee benefits. However, while ERISA puts forth causes of action, it also creates specific issues that make ERISA litigation distinct from ordinary breach-of-contract cases. While it may seem…Read more

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